EiP machines are built fully assembled

External EiP machine size is 8’ wide by 6’ tall, mounted on a 3’ high stand with 4 legs


Total weight is under 2000 lbs, evenly distributed over the 4 legs

Vibrational load is extremely low, as the rotational inertia acts as a gyro stabilizer in high winds

Electrically, we recommend ABB motor drives, type ACS355

Maximum DC operating voltage is 380V

Please contact us for further details.


  • Incorporates patented Electronic Inertial Power™ tech
  • Optimized for power generation
  • Each EiP50 machine provides a minimum of 2kW continuous power, even in slack winds
  • Up to 50 kW power in high winds
  • Simple interconnect to electrical loads via ABB type ACS355 motor drive


  • Incorporates patented Electronic Inertial Power™ tech
  • Optimized for storage
  • All power from EiP50 machines, solar panels, or other connected sources are immediately stored and available On-Demand
  • Each EiP100 machine will maintain up to 100 kW On-Demand power
  • In clusters of 4 or more EiP100 machines, all available power will be maintained indefinitely with no outside power input required
Interested in Reselling EiP machines?

We provide a partner program for developers, contractors, installers, system integrators, solar panel providers, community power providers, or international distributors who are interested in reselling EiP machines. We would love to work with you! We provide machine installation and operation training to our partners.

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