• R&D began in 2009
  • First prototype placed outside and remained in operation from 2014-2017, producing power in 90 mph winds!
  • Production facility on line and fully operational in 2016.
  • First production machine, sold to the Yachats Brewing Company, placed outside in 2017.
  • 30 patent claims for EiP technology filed through Perkins Coie were awarded by the USPTO in 2017.

Our first production machine incorporated many improvements and advancements over our prototype design, including marked advancements in power production and storage. Our production machine has been extensively tested, and our production facility is fully operational. We are proud to have placed this first production machine outside the Yachats Brewing Company, our first customer, in April 2017.


Headquartered in Yachats, OR

What Makes Us Passionate

Our market vision is to empower communities with a pathway toward 100% affordable and low carbon power, met by local renewable energy sources, right on their urban rooftop.

EiP Technologies’ founders were blessed with growing up in the Puget Sound region of Washington State during a wonderful and beautiful time. Salmon and oysters were plentiful. Virgin rain forests were our playgrounds in the nearby Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. “Green Technology” has become more than a buzzword for us – it represents a way to give back to our grandchildren’s generation a slice of what we enjoyed while growing up.

EiP Technologies provides a way for us to give back. Imagine truly green microgrids. Power is sourced from the wind and sun in a bird safe way. All power is consumed right in the communities where it is generated, virtually eliminating transmission losses. Power is stored locally without toxic batteries. Common power cables are used to interconnect microgrids. Power can be relied upon during extreme weather events without downtime, so that no carbon producing ‘side car power plants’ are required. Local business leaders rather than remote power companies make energy decisions within the communities they live in. This is our energy future vision.

Our Company Values

Be good to our planet. Harnessing local wind power, in combination with solar and other renewables, benefits the economy as well as the environment.

Buy local, build local, hire local, and partner local. We use locally sourced raw materials, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. We create opportunities for local businesses, project managers, installers, and electricians.

Empower the consumer of energy, not just the supplier. We are eager to work with local leaders to help create distributed generation networks of rooftop power for community development.

Above all, maintain honesty and integrity in all business dealings.

Our Team


Meet Steve Burkle, Inventor and CTO

Steve Burkle is the inventor of EiP technology. Steve comes from a 30 year career in the technical side of hi-tech. As a hardware design engineer, Steve is an expert in all aspects of electronics, from analog to digital, vacuum tube to solid state, systems and components. During his career as an Intel employee, Steve relocated to a remote homestead in the coastal temperate rainforest of Oregon, to become a pioneer in telecommuting, working remotely as part of design teams for many of today’s internet server hardware technologies. Totally off- grid, Steve has created a living laboratory for sustainable technology development, for which he has built systems for power generation and control, home and hot water heating, and computer networking. Real-world experience in renewable energy, information technology, and electronics, along with a strong technical background in math, physics, and engineering, provide Steve with a unique perspective for sustainable technology innovation. Since 2009, Steve has been working full time at EiP Technologies.

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