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What is EiP Technology?

EiP Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Yachats, OR, builds wind machines based on our patented direct wind energy conversion system: Electronic Inertial Power™ (EiP™) technology.

EiP technology embedded within our unique low speed vertical axis wind turbine design, provides useful energy directly from wind conditions near the urban rooftop; no tower required. The machine is aerodynamically self-regulating, with only one moving part (the “rotor”) that operates quietly at less than wind speed, even at wind speeds greater than 55 MPH, normally destructive to conventional wind turbines.

The smallest EiP wind machine is 8’ wide x 6’ high, mounted on four legs just a few feet above the roof. It generates up to 50KW of power in a pleasing architectural form, safe for birds, without noise and vibration. With high torque and inertia at low speed, the rotor spins within a sturdy structure that converts random rooftop winds from any direction to smooth and steady windflow for the rotor inside. The center is hollow, which allows any turbulence emerging from rotor blades during power generation to exit top and bottom without disturbing inner windflow. Efficient aerodynamics combined with EiP technology delivers electrical power without belts or gears driving a generator. EiP technology reinvents the generator as modular components within the EiP wind machine, eliminating the central shaft and main bearing (the most common point of failure for conventional wind machines). EiP technology puts the wind rotor in the center of a huge permanent magnet brushless generator, converting power directly from the wind blades in the most efficient way. Rotor magnets near the outer edge pass between stationary steel core inductors above and below, allowing rotating magnetic fields to drive power generation at high speed while the rotor spins slowly with high torque. Breakthrough EiP technology provides a network control interface that links together neighboring EiP wind machines, in combination with rooftop solar panels, to capture, store, and share renewable energy in the local urban setting. Using the patented EiP oscillation, excess energy and rotor inertia, under high speed electronic power control, recirculates between networked machines to create steady and reliable power. Locally networked groups become distributed generation stations that link up to provide 100% renewable power across the urban landscape and beyond. On a cloudy day with no wind, long term storage using hydrogen fuel cells can take over.

EiP Wind Machine benefits

Unlimited power output

Using conventional ratings, super-efficient EiP technology provides up to 50 kW from an 8’ diameter by 6’ high, 1000 lb machine. But that is just the start, as conventional wind curve calculations don’t include other EiP wind machine benefits. These benefits include the ability to produce power in gusty and turbulent winds (like we experience around buildings), the ability to produce power in high wind gusts (field tested up to 90 mph), with a shaftless design for unlimited torque and power.

Safe and Quiet operation

Outer stationary fin structure produces perfect wind conditions for the rotor, which slows during generation. In other words, slowing of the rotor with respect to wind speed creates more power with reduced noise and vibration. In high winds, the rotor gets even quieter while power output increases.

Ideal wind machine for urban rooftops

This opens up a whole new market for wind power applications. Think of something roughly the size and weight of a large air conditioner on top of a 3’ high platform, producing high power output with no vibration whatsoever! Low rotational speed and low vibration, and a footprint that spreads the weight to four legs, easily adapts to rooftop structural limits.

Wind generation AND storage

EiP wind machines can be linked together in a network. At speeds much greater than wind changes and power sags and surges, integrated network controlled power electronics transparently exchange power between networked machines on a common grid connection. Hi speed electronic control exploits the natural large flywheel effect in each machine and parasitic oscillations of distributed generation as energy storage. This largely replaces the need for expensive, delicate, and toxic battery arrays.

No furling

Every other wind machine design requires some type of furling in high winds to restrict blades from breaking up and causing a catastrophic failure. EiP wind machine aerodynamics is self-regulating and naturally performs BETTER in high winds. We have tested our prototype in strong gust up to 90 mph excellent performance!

Fault Tolerant Modular Design

For maximum return on investment, the EiP wind machine is capable of continued operation even when components may fail. A modular and redundant design reduces unscheduled downtime; when a part fails the failure is detected and logged for later repair, while the machine continues to produce power at a reduced level. With no central bearing or shaft there is no single point of failure that can destroy the machine.

Interoperability with solar and other renewables

In many locations, when it’s windy, there is no sun. And when it’s sunny, there is very little wind. Now you can place both wind machines and solar panels on the same rooftop. EiP wind machines can be used in combination with solar panels to provide up to 100% power from renewables.