Generate Power Safely from Turbulent Winds on your Urban Rooftop

Now possible with breakthrough patented “Electronic Inertial Power™ (EiP™)” technology – producing up to 50 kW per 8’ x 6’ machine

Visually pleasing architectural design.

Safe and Quiet – even in winds greater than 60 mph, producing power by slowing down the rotor relative to wind speed

Easy to install and maintain – no large towers, no exposed blades, only one moving part, and minimal downtime

Perfect partner with solar power – start thinking about your new “all-weather renewable energy production AND storage strategy” today!


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Reinventing Residential and Commercial Green Wind Energy

Electronic Inertial Power™ (EiP™) technology embedded within our unique low speed vertical axis wind turbine design, provides useful energy directly from wind conditions near the urban rooftop; no tower required.

The machine is aerodynamically self-regulating, with only one moving part (the “rotor”) that operates quietly at less than wind speed, even at wind speeds greater than 55 MPH, normally destructive to conventional wind turbines.

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Fit for any application


EiP technology makes possible something radically different than current wind technology options. This presents a total game changer for widespread adoption of wind power without all of the disadvantages of “conventional” wind turbines. This opens up a whole new market for wind power applications. Think of something roughly the size and weight of a large air conditioner on top of a 3’ high platform, producing high power output with no vibration whatsoever! Low rotational speed and low vibration, and a footprint that spreads the weight to four legs, easily adapts to rooftop structural limits.

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Contact Us

EiP Technologies is headquartered in Yachats, OR. We were founded in 2009, spent 5 years in R&D and product design, and filed patents in July, 2014 through Perkins Coie, a minor investor.

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