City of Yachats announces plans to purchase EiP machines

March 1, 2017

BY GLORIA TUCKER Of the News-Times YACHATS — Experimenting in alternative energy, the city will place two Electronic Inertial Power (EiP) wind turbines on its sewer plant. Brothers Steve and Brad Burkle, who founded their company EiP Technologies in 2009 in Yachats, developed the wind turbi...

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EiP Wins VERGE Start-Up Accelerate Competition

October 29, 2015

EiP Technologies of Oregon won with 33 percent of the votes. EiP's CEO described the "Electronic Inertial Power" wind power technology as novel for both generating and storing energy. He said the small yet hefty wind machine design is ideal for generating power from turbulent winds on urban rooftops...

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EiP Press Launch in Newport, OR

September 1, 2014

BY ABBIE TUMBLESON Of the News-Times YACHATS — New ideas are sometimes things that remain only in our dreams. That’s not the case for Steve Burkle. Burkle took an idea and turned it into reality. Now, five years down the road, he is still working to fine tune his idea-turned-invention. Burkle...

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